Monday, 29 August 2011


Its sucks to cross an overflowing stinking gutter ...
And when the same over flowing stinky gutter is mixed the the muddy water of flooded roads while its raining heavily we love to walk through it and splash dem...
the water is still dirty...
but the situation change our behaviour... the person never changes, situation changes and accordingly the behaviour changes... so if sm1 is behaving to u the way you regret, js dont hate him and wait for the correct situation.. have a nyc day

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dont think of destroying

its everywhere, dont think that you can destroy it one day, you yourself are here for a short span... think of yourself, enjoy your life...


Human being is a social animal, but their is nothing called social existing in between us...
Isn't it true? Just think where are we standing today? The most intelligent and advanced creature on the third rock? i always say the same, "We are here for a short span of time" life is to enjoy and give happiness to others, at least to people who rely on us and have hope on us... But the world is turning CYNICAL..
Strange... we don't value our relations now a days, family is of least importance to most of us living in urban metro cities. We are reluctant in helping our relatives or near ones these days. How can someone expect today's world to work for others without expecting anything form them? Is that really happening?
Well BEING HUMAN and many other organizations all over the world are actively working to improve the conditions of poor who don't even get food to eat at least for one time a day, many are suffering from diseases like CANCER, AIDS and many such innumerable illness that are seldom cured..
love is the biggest donation you can give, care, these things are really rare today.
try to find some time for the needy, try to help with whatever you have, spread happiness.. be happy ):


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Do not cross this

this is my 1st ad made by me 4 my colg project

The Crying Soilder

I cry, in pain, of the lifes I took
I cry in agony of destroying his world..
 my brother..
Whom I had to look after..
Agony continues..
After I saw his helpless son..
I cry.
Fate played a dirty game..
He was my brother..
Not by birth..
I was sent to love him..
And see what have I done.
Brutal! I ain’t no victim.
Ain’t no coward..
Powerd by my mind I took his life..
Took his soul…
Left a guilty soul to cry…
Took happiness of his child…
His wife , my sister..
Fighting for dust, see what I got..
A pit 2 rest, and her curse to own.

Friendship 4-ever

Friendship is the most unpredicted cant say type of relation in this world..
One can give his life fir his bestest buddy, very few in this world have got such friends... its very difficult to find who is your true friend at the same time its very easy as well.

Delhi Belly song by Macho Moron-kool tone mix